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Why Choose Us?

Caring Touch combines expertise, passion and comfort to design custom care plans.

Caring Touch Professionals take the time required to meet your family, visit your home and truly understand your needs. Our certified team designs custom care plans which can include:

Who We Are

Caring Touch Home Health Care Inc is a family-owned and operated provider of home health care services. We take great pride in being 100% Canadian. Our mission is to consistently meet the needs of our clients and community partners with respect and dignity. With decades of experience in home health care, we adhere to the highest Canadian standards of care.


We offer personalized care for seniors, adults with special needs, individuals with workplace injuries, and those involved in motor vehicle accidents. Our goal is to provide compassionate care, one caring hand at a time.


At Caring Touch, we believe in the importance of building strong relationships through continuous care. Each of our care plans is tailored to the unique needs of our clients. We strive to offer you and your loved ones our caring touch, becoming an integral part of your family's support system.

About Our Founder

Caring Touch Home Health Care Inc. is owned and operated by Nicole Troiano. Nicole's own caregiving experiences with her mom inspired her to establish our compassionate home care services.

Having faced the challenges of caregiving firsthand, Nicole identified the crucial need for dependable support. Her dedication to assisting families in similar situations led to the creation of Caring Touch Home Health Care Inc. Her mission is to provide the highest quality in home care services, ensuring families receive the guidance, compassion and care they need.

Nicole actively engages in advocacy groups supporting seniors and generously volunteers her time. Her commitment stems from a genuine desire to positively impact the lives of those in need, extending beyond mere business obligations.

Drawing from her background in procurement within manufacturing and healthcare industries, Nicole brings a unique combination of expertise and compassion to our services.

Supported by her loving family, Nicole finds strength to focus on improving lives one person at a time. She embodies the philosophy of "Be kind to each other, and the world will be kind to you." At Caring Touch Home Health Care Inc., our approach revolves around compassion, respect, and kindness in every client.

Our Team 

At Caring Touch, we carefully assess each person to make sure they have the right qualifications, experience, and a positive attitude that match our high standards. Our dedication to keeping our team happy and involved ensures they continue to make a positive impact in your loved one's care.

Melker Mangubat

Operations Manager

Jazer Montillano

PSW Manager

Navjot Kaur

Nursing Manager

Stephen Ham

Business Development Manager

Egie Alac

Administrative Manager

Peter Cattari

Administrative Assistant

Jeona Lindo

Marketing Administrator

Daniela Avarena

Program Coordinator

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